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    Im really nervous about my 1st year summer tests Jb2Brennan

    I havent done much study and they start tomorrow

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      it's NEVER too late study now

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      It's first year.. they're easy... (there might be a couple of tricky crosswords) If you do have ALLLLLLL of 2nd and 3rd year to study. Btw if you dont know the answers just put down something... you might get some marks for effort.

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      I agree. I was worried about mine too but as a major procrastinator, I did ALL my study the night before each exam and I did well. The technique I use to study is just reading over everything. I was never a fan of writing pages of notes but they might be what works for you. Just try your best and believe in yourself, good luck.

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      Calm down . Just study before the night of exams and you will be alright

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      Languages are reallyyy hard

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      You'll remember a lot of what you learned throughout the year

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      You'll do fine I barely studied for the tests in first year and got above B's in everything. Advice tho: Don't do the same with the Junior Cert, I have it starting in a week and am very worried because ive left it all to the last minute :(((

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      study only what you have for the first day. don't know about your school but we get study periods inbetween each test

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      study the night before only what you have

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