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    IRISH MOCKS Chidudemon56

    I got 55 percent in my mocks and I want to get an A in the junior cert is it POSSIBLE?????

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      Yes. An A in Irish is certainly possible but it is much easier to get a B. I got 71% (B) in my mocks in HL Irish. However, you must require these skills

      - Know a wide range of vocabulary

      - Know a lot of grammar

      - Good listening skills (Cluastuiscint - 17% of the whole exam)

      So if you fail cluastuiscint (listening comprehension), you already can only reach a maximum % of 83% (B). This is why you must have vital skills like these. Anytime you find grammar a bit hard, I am sure I will be able to help you on it (really depends...).

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      Man can you help me improve my voabualry and my listening..I failed my listening I got 13/40

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      Will I give you a small list of random vocabulary every day? Hahaha I still got better than you with 16/40 - ironic!

      Tip: Make sure you know what the question in the listening means. If you do not know its English translation, it's nearly impossible to answer.

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      In case you were going to say that now I am useless for the listening help. Well... I am not good at listening which is my downfall also to the listening comprehension in French. However, it's not about listening skills in helping students but making sure that they know a wide range of vocabulary on a good quantity of topics that could come up.

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      Yeh would you help me to improve my vocabularly.. i am currently using duolingo if you could help me get and a in irish that would be really helpful man :)

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      SryanBruen Check here every day (I might forget to post though at times). Learn 10 new words / short phrases each day and you will easily build up your vocabulary by Junior Cert time.

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      What the mock letter?

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