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    IRISH VOCAB Chidudemon56

    What vocab should you learn for Irish???//

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      start by learning your verbs and any words that you come across and don't know highlight them or write them into a different copy and just build your vocab up as much as you can as there is no way of predicting what words will come up

      hope this helps x

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      Here's each section divided into vocabulary / phrases you learn - HL paper. If you are OL, then it's different.

      Cluastuiscint - question words and general vocabulary such as days of the week, seasons, months of the year etc - make sure ya know a lot of vocabulary for this section - especially stuff you learnt in primary.

      Léamhthuiscint - question words

      Trialacha teanga comhthéacsula - no vocab, but good grammar!

      Ceapadóireacht - depending on what kind of a story you are gonna do like if a timpiste scéal, you might describe the start of your day and in school then an accident happens and you're in hospital. This subject gives you a general indication of what vocabulary you should learn if you are gonna do a timpiste scéal.

      Prós - question words and a sample answer for a studied prose - with good phrases!

      Filíocht - question words and a sample answer for a studied poem - with good phrases!

      Litir - like the ceapadóireacht, depending on what the question is asking you. Go through some past litreacha na ceisteanna and answer a question using vocabulary on the topic given in the question. It might be a timpiste? It might be an ócáid spéisialta? For the opening and closing paragraphs of a letter, learn off phrases such as "Tá súil agam go bhfuil tú i mbarr na sláinte" - I hope that you are in the best of health.

      If you would like any useful phrases / vocabulary, let me know

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      revise wise has good words that you should know

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      Thanks guys x

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      No bothers good luck x

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