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    Is next year the last year for Junior Cert??? hamzamughees

    Hey Guys.

    The Government plans to finish the Junior Cert from the year after the next. I wanted to ask Is this true, and would this happen. If so then WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS PLAN?

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      Yes it is but just for English. My brother is doing it

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      People are saying it is the last year for the whole junior cert.

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      David Connolly 123

      2016 is the last year that the fully original junior cert will be examined. In 2017, the new junior cert program will begin with changes in English. All the other subjects will remain the same. It will be phased in with about 1 or 2 subjects per year. In my opinion I'm VERY glad that I'm doing the old JC, because the new JC English is really hard and you have to write speeches and essays that count towards your grade.

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      David Connolly 123 whatcha mean "that count towards your grade"?

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      Some Things you do throughout the year will go as a percentage of your junior cert grade^

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      Oh ok... but I would love if that was on my jc

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