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    Junior Cert Predictions 2016 ScienceExam

    Right so guys, we're all in this together so we might as well help each other out in what "will" come up in any of the Junior Cert exams.

    What I have an idea of is what will come up in History

    Also my Maths teacher also heard for some of the people who are going to be making the SEC Maths Junior Cert that there will be a "long" question on sequences to do with lollipop sticks.

    She sorta pointed it out it'll be similar to this "QUESTION 6"

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      It would be nice if you guys could share something as well :)

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      can i have ur email address

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      Omega Zero

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      Whops wrong account.

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      what question 6 pls ??? which exam paper

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      Sorry didn't realize that links wrong it's Leaving Cert 2013 Paper One / Higher Level (EV) Question 6. It's mostly to do with the first part. She was mentioning of how easy it was and out of like 500 papers 3 people only got it.

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      My home ec teacher says in the long questions Q1 meat, fish, Q2 home baking, special diets, Q3 advertising, packaging, Q4 digestion, the heart, Q5 fridge, first aid and fire safety, Q6 fibers/wool, the sewing machine

      In geography its topical stuff like migration and flooding, etc.

      Thats all I've heard sorry :)

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      @fuschia really? what are those prediction based off?

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      in history the short questions are the same /similar as 3 years before (for us 2013), in spanish food is a topic specific meats and fruit !

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      @scienceexam could you tell me the year in exam papers that the maths question your teacher said is similar to because the link doesn't go directly to it thanks ☺

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      Anyone have any ideas about Irish or religion?

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