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    Leaving Cerys advice Amyyyy

    I know people may have picked subjects but I just wanted some advice on subjects you think are interesting and that you enjoyed studying through the years I know I'm definitely keeping geography and business but I need two more and I'm stuck on what to choose

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      I have had a look at your subjects on this and you do the exact same subjects as me. These are my LC subjects:

      - English, Maths, Irish, French, Geography, Music, Physics

      I am choosing English, Maths and Irish obviously because I HAVE TO. I am choosing French because I like it and there is no harm in doing it. I am choosing Geography and Music because I have huge interests in them. I chose Physics because I MIGHT want to become a meteorologist and that job requires Physics. None of the other sciences would have been of use to me anyways. It is totally your choice though what to choose!

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      Thanks so much!

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