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Lets all just take a moment to thank our hero
cmck134 The Junior Cert — 19/06/16 10

I think we should all just take a minute to thank this sryan bruen guy, he's the hero we all needed during this junior cert

heyooo — 16/06/16
Yeah, I agree. All the irish and geography notes.... Thanks seriously!
DarParty — 16/06/16
Aoife_9776 — 16/06/16
Here here
SryanBruen — 16/06/16
It's no problem guys, I love helping students. I'm even going to do work experience in my primary school next year in TY as a result! When Leaving Cert comes around, I will continue helping you's around - whilst next year, I will continue helping the 3rd years.
xXsTuDyCliXmAsTeRxXz — 16/06/16
not all heroes wear capes, probs to you mr.bruen
EH458 — 16/06/16
Thanks so much for all the sample Irish stuff and the geog notes! I ended up using some of the vocab from your Irish notes and phrases in the eachtra about the walking in the sleibhte haha ��������
heyooo — 16/06/16
Yeah, I looked over your sleibhte story thing out of coincidence ... And it came up :D
heyooo — 16/06/16
I will be waiting for you for leaving cert ^^ and hopefully by then I'd have studyclix PLUS!
mathswhiz101 — 19/06/16
Thanks a mill bro
SryanBruen — 19/06/16
You're very welcome. Btw, I will be posting my stuff on my forum now http://thesuperstudent.freeforums.net/
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