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    Levels for JC and LC adamob544

    I was looking for advice as to what levels I should take in the JC and LC in Irish and Maths. I got an E and F respectively in the subjects at HL in the mocks :P . I proper hate both the subjects no matter what level I take and I'm really struggling to pass both subjects. Any help appreciated.

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      the thing about irish is pass is very easy but higher is very difficult, talk to your teachers in both subjects and see where they think you could do best in.

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      Id say stick out higher for the junior anyway. Our maths teacher was saying in third year that even if you fail higher in the junior youll still do well in ordinary leaving. I would say irish is the same

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      If you follow my tips in my thread HL Tips from Sryan Bruen for Irish then I'm sure you would do well in it. Maths HL is very difficult and if you don't have a good mind for it, so like "I know I have to factorise here" then do ordinary which is 10x less stressful - I continued doing HL because I kept passing at least though I struggle with Maths HL - I never failed any test! I can help make Irish one of your easiest subjects whether you hate it or love it. I can't really help much with Maths sorry.

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      Since I posted this I dropped to OL maths :) . I'm still struggling with that a bit but oh well haha. Ill be sure to take a look at the irish, cheers ;) .

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