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    Marking Scheme LaurennC

    So the actual exam papers are already up on but does anyone know when the marking scheme will be released too?

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      They'll probably be released after all the exams are over, so if you do the exam and you find out you got it wrong if they put up the marking scheme, then you might be up all night thinking about how you got it wrong rather than actually studying

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      marking schemes are not finalised till after all the exams are finished and then their is a meeting with all the examiners about the marking scheme depending if any teacher or student reported a problem with the paper so they wont be up for a while. That's what my teacher told me. Anyway no point in looking at the marking scheme after you have handed up your exam forget about it, your examiner gives attempt marks as well as full marks. Hope this helped best off luck :)

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      I think that the marking scheme will come up after the results are up in September, because if they put them up in the holidays, then the will start to look at them at and then they will start to see where they went wrong and it will ruin there holidays. so probably after results are out.

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      After the results come out definately. If they came out before then you could be able to calculate your grade pre emptively

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