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Mocks and the actual thing ?
k_10 The Junior Cert — 27/01/18 1

I was just wondering if what papers on the mocks will appear on the actual thing .... i've heard that the mock is a guess about what might come up but do you guys think there's a chance for the same things coming up? I've heard that the actual jc is easier but it might be just a thing ppl say?

jade1999_x — 16/05/16
Hi, yes the mocks are a prediction of what the companies think will come up. Yes, there is a chance of it coming up June. It is true that the JC is easier then the mocks and that is only because you're better prepared and have more practice for the exam. My teachers have told me to revise everything (or in the case of business, anything important) but the night before the exam study the mocks (minus English, Irish, music and maths as they are very unpredictable) as they are a prediction. However, the JC isn't always easier the the mocks as sometimes they are harder but a lot of the time it is easier. Also, I would not rely on the mock papers 100% for study as they aren't always accurate and aren't a full guareentee to come up :) hope this helped
k_10 — 21/05/16
Thanks @jade1999_x
Elisha447 — 21/05/16
I don't think they are predications. The mock papers are confusing as some Questions are too easy compared to junior cert but some of them are way too hard. I wouldn't rely on the mock papers. Just study all the topics, if you got full marks in your mock for some questions use them as examples. I think the junior cert papers are easier than the mocks :) and the mocks were like 3 months ago so you should have done a lot more revision now and be more prepared. Good luck x
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