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    Moving Schools chocolate1516

    Anyone have any tips on moving? Is it difficult to move half way through secondary school?

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      For Science make sure you have proof of all Course Work 'A' experiments completed.

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      I'm guessing your in 3rd year. If you want to move schools you should do it now before kicks or pre mocks. Or if you can wait and move at the start of senior cycle,

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      MANY SCHOOLS DON'T TAKE STUDENTS IN DURING EXAM YEARS. I had this issue myself in 3rd year when I wanted to move but I had to do my JC before moving. Unfortunately, they didn't have a spot for me when I went into TY so I had to stay in the shithole. So yes, it is difficult - depending on the year you're in.

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      Thanks everyone, I think I'll wait till I'm finished the JC

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