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    Olympiad in DCU granners

    I got invited to compete in the Olympiad in DCU for doing well in last year's junior cert in maths and science and I was wondering if anyone has ever gone to it and what do they ask? (like general knowledge or actual thing on the course)

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      congrats @granners that's so good you got invited!!!!! :)

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      Thanks Sarah 2014 :)

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      My son got invited too this year

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      youre welcome :):)

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      Well done to him!! @regina :)

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      Roberto Mane


      I know from being asked myself that they give a three hour exam based on the junior cert science course.

      You will encounter some math problems relative to that on the physics course in junior cert,nothing in excess of that.

      What they do is combine your science and math marks,and pick the two highest from each school.

      I don't think I'll go because it's an utter waste of time,but I felt privileged to be asked.

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      @robertomane There were actually 3 that got chosen from my school. I know that with studying and stuff that I won't do well but just to be asked and get the certificate is something impressive to put on a cv

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      @roberto mane it says on the website that we are expected to have the pass leaving cert level of the science we chose off by heart.Thats some crash course 😂

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