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    opinions? Sarah2014

    so im going to study properly for the jc after midterm. I was wondering what are your opinions on studying eg should I have a copy for each subject with notes etc or just write it on sheets and stick them up on my wall? whats the best way to know the info? thanks :)

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      Ellie Worcester

      I find making flashcards are really helpful.Try to condense your notes as much as possible that way it is easier to learn.

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      ok thanks so much :)

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      does your flashcards just have the key words of a topic on them or questions about the topic?

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      Practice past exam questions

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      flashcards I found work best if you have the questions on a topic on one side and the key words for the answers on the other side. make the questions as broad as possible so that the you can answer exam questions better. mainly use key words on the cards, but if you have definitions or formulas write them out word for word as you can lose marks easily on them.

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      thanks so much guys! I just find it hard to remember things. I used flashcards for a short amount of time and didn't find them any helpful. I write out long pages on topics but cant get it into my head! will I just stick to flashcards?

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      Ellie Worcester

      You could also try using mind maps. The main thing with your study techniques is for it to stand out so its easier to remember. I sometimes you different pens for different topics and different colour flashcards for different subjects/

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      thanks for your help :):)

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      reading out aloud also helps you to remember things better as well.

      also what I find helpful is if you try to explain what is happening in your topic (eg. science exp.) to someone, as it gives you a better understanding of what you learning.

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      thanks a million :)

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