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    Please Help MEE emmaxxmoran

    Hi, My summer exams are tomorrow and the next 3 days. I am so nervous and stressed about them. My mum and dad keep saying that I have to get all A's and I know I'm not but I'm so so nervous. I don't think I have studied enough either!!! What do you think I should do and how I should study and how to get good grades?? :) thanks

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      i know it might seem irrelevant, but practice exam questions as most teachers just give them as summer tests. all you can do is try your best and if your parents have told you that they want you to get straight As tell them realistically, its really difficult. maybe you are also putting pressure on yourself which can lead to being really nervous. im putting a lot of pressure on myself to get 9A and 1B in the junior cert over the next few weeks, but i already told my parents i am trying my best and i am studying up til late every night. if you dont do as well as you hoped, its not the end of the world. after you do your first exam, youll be fine as the majority of your nerves will settle

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      Thanks, I think that will help :)

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