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    private test centre?? glitteryhippie

    ok, this may come across as kind of strange, but does anybody know the necessitates to be able to sit the exams in a separate test center?

    i have some form of anxiety, and get very very nervous when sat in a room of people, to the extent that i had to leave a few mocks due to panicking. i sat my geography exam in a separate room to everyone else, and did significantly better (54% to 77%!) seeing as i had no reason to panic (when i see others writing as i am not, i panic a lot). there were no distractions, and i found i had time to spare on something i normally find very hard.

    any advice/guidelines, or am i just being stupid lol...

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      Well the accommodation for exams you can get in your school for the SEC exams are the following

      Reader - You get someone to read the paper to you. Of course, you do your exam in a different room if you have one.

      Recorder - You speak your answers into a recorder, i.e. NO writing! Of course, you do your exam in a different room if you have one.

      Scribe - You're given somebody to write for you whilst you do all the thinking!

      Word processor - You're given a computer and you type all your answers. Of course, you do your exam in a different room if you choose it.

      If you get talk to a teacher who maybe your school's career guidance or resource (if you have one) co-ordinator, then do. They will try and work something out for you (even if you're NOT special needs - which these require).

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      If my memory serves me right, a handful of my year last year did their Junior Cert in another room in the school due to anxiety, where they were supervised by an invigilator. I'm sure if you talk to your principal he/she will do their best to accommodate you.

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      pls people I did the French listening exams and I got 66percent because of the listening. I have ben diagnosed to having a hole in my eardrum but doctors say I don't need hearing aids and I can t sometimes hear wat ppl speaking English are saying, not to talk of a whole new language. do I get any special benefits maybe the recording played slowly and very loud helllppp!!!!!

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