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Result Expectations
ug_roland2504 The Junior Cert — 02/07/16 5

After doing these exams, what do everyone expect to gets. What are your aims

sophie544 — 01/07/16
Cspe-A Religion A Geography A Maths- B French-A/B Irish- A/B Business- A History B Science A Home ec-A English- A/B
ug_roland2504 — 01/07/16
Mine are Science-A Math-A Spanish-A English-B History-A Irish-A Geography-A Business-A/B Cspe-A Technical Graphics-A
SryanBruen — 01/07/16
Science - D Maths - B French - B English - A History - A Irish - B Geography - C Business - B CSPE - A Music - B
Stephanie K — 02/07/16
@SyranBruen why do u think you will only get a D in Science and a C in geography, I thought that you were good at these subjects
SryanBruen — 02/07/16
The Science exam was horrible for me, especially Chemistry and I feel like I just passed it. Geography was not hard but it was the worst exam and how lots of the stuff I studied didn't come up on it so I feel like I did absolutely shite.
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