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    Results2015 ArahKa

    How did you all get on were you all happy with what you got??๐Ÿ™€๐Ÿ™€

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      Nope,not at all xD I did not get what I wanted lol.I 'm so disappointed :[

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      I didn't do as well as i wanted but ill get over it. Got 8As and 2Bs, but I wanted to get an A in irish

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      Wow granners!!!Well done!!!You deserve it c:

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      I was positive I got an A in Irish aswell, I got a B though. In total, i got 3As and 7Bs.

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      @ granners : Is it ok if I ask what you got your other B in ?

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      I'm appealing business and geography as i was sure i got an A in them...(i got b's) they were marked really hard this year!

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      It was grand though i was surprised i got an A in Irish. Overall i got 6As and 5Bs

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      I couldn't believe what I got at first. 10As 1B!!! I'm still absolutely speechless.

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      @granners that is superb! I hope everyone was happy about their grades :).

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      @studdybuddy15 I got the other B in English, but I was expecting it because I generally get between 75-80% in tests so i was grand with it.

      Unreal @dazzla16 10As is something to be really proud of๐Ÿ˜Š

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      I got 10As and 2Bs which I am over the moon with! Kind of disappointed with music result though and so was the rest of my class as no one got an A. Very shocked that I got an A in geography and Irish though! Hope everyone is happy with their results.

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      I got 3A's and 8 B's !!!! No C's oe'r here!!! I'm absolutely delighted!!

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