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    school diya123

    does anyone know when the junior cert leave school. their last day in school before the exams

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      Well loads of schools are different as in what their closing date is. For me, I don't have a last day in school before exams because, I have the following block classes (i.e. extra classes) to contend with, even when they say my school is closed (3 June).

      27 May: French (1.30 hours)

      30 May: English (1.30 hours)

      31 May: Maths (2 hours)

      1 June: Irish (1.30 hours)

      2 June: Science (2 hours)

      3 June: History (1.30 hours)

      6 June: Business Studies (2 hours)

      7 June: Geography (1.30 hours)

      20 June: Music (1.30 hours)

      It's ridiculous!

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