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    Studying Crisis! sarah_nunan

    I've just completely lost my motivation after the mocks. My results were alright, but I definitely need to work more. I find it so hard to get back into the studying habit again, I don't want to end up cramming the night before the jc....

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      have you tried looking at studyblr posts on tumblr? They can be be really motivating

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      Thank you, these were really helpful!

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      you need the fear of jesus to get those gears moviiinngggg

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      Someone say Jesus? Im always here to help.

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      I study by drinking a vial of deadly poison, usually extracted from the belly of a Honey-Badger. I then tell my mother to hide the antidote and only give it to me if I do 53 hours of study. I've only died twice, and even then my mum just had to sacrifice a newborn baby to Satan and I was fine :) hope this helped xoxo -ElSquarbo

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