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studying for junior cert 2017
adamchoudhary02 The Junior Cert — 16/10/16 3

im not sure when i should start getting serious.. i plan to get 6 A for my junior cert.. and even when im not being serious how long should i study? also how long should i study when i start getting serious?

eoghan_15 — 16/10/16
Hey, I'm hot going to start studying for the junior cert after Christmas (for the mocks) about 2-3 hours a day including homework. Right now, I'd say just do your homework and refuse 3rd year stuff for Christmas exams, it's really not that hard.
adamchoudhary02 — 16/10/16
oh ok thanks for the reply ^^
EA01 — 16/10/16
If you're really behind in a subject , start now but if not , study after Christmas
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