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    studying in general cgcd_matthew

    hey guys i'm just wondering if you guys have any ways to help me study any advise would be great^^I've tryed many things like after school study grinds.they help me but i still have to study myself so yea....thanksXD

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      I find writing it out is the best and coming up with stupid things to help you remember all the topics like im really small and we were doing microbiology, my teachr said "viruses are the smallest micro-organisms" & my lab partner said "Aine you must be a virus coz youre so small" and I called her bacteria because they're simple cells. I have never forgot either of them :") hope that helped! :D

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      haha thats great really smart but stupid but effective^^ill give it a shot

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      haha glad to help x

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      hiya Im stuck the same thing I even go to after school study but I still have to come home and study ass I have tooooo much hw ..... help me please any advice greatly appreciated..... thanks XD :L

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