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    Subject Paper layouts SryanBruen

    Knowing the layout of your paper is vital because if you do not know how the paper is laid out and what comes where, it is certain that you will be lost on the day of your exam. This thread is for anybody who needs me (or other people, feel free to - make sure they're all truthful though!) to help them with layouts of papers. I can help you with the layouts of the following subjects (regardless of FL, OL or HL):

    English, Irish, Maths, French, Spanish, Business Studies, Geography, History, CSPE, Music, Science.

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      Business Studies:HL

      Paper One

      Section A: 20 Short Questions on all aspects of the course

      Section B: 6 long questions. You must do 4. Q1 is Budgets, Q2 is club accounts, Q3 is Economics, Q4,5,6 are unknown.

      Paper Two

      6 long questions. You must do 4. Q1 is ledgers, books of first entry and trial balances. Q2 is business documents. Q4 is trading, profit and loss account and balance sheet.

      Spend about 28 minutes on each long question. Important topics for long questions include: Insurance. The consumer and people at work.

      For the short questions there is usually a question on Initials, IT, entering a transaction into a day book, control accounts, filling in an extract from a final account and giving example of a specified topic, e.g. Give two examples of oral communication

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      Maths: HL

      Paper 1

      Algebra, e.g. Solving equations, inequalities, long division in algebra, patterns and sequences, real life graphs, factorising, rearranging formulae, algebraic fractions, simultaneous equations,

      Number, e.g. Arithmetic, sets, number systems, Surds, scientific notation, Surds


      Paper 2

      Geometry and Trigonometry. e.g. Quadrilaterals, similar triangles, circles. Theorems, corollaries, axioms, proofs, trig ratios and finding angles, Pythagoras

      Probability and Statistics, e.g. Probability of an event, probability scale, tree diagrams, vent diagram probability, two way tables. Collecting data, mean, mode, median, range, interquartile range, stem and leaf plots, bar charts, shapes of distribution, pie charts, bar charts, histograms and interpreting data

      Perimeter,area,volume, e.g. Volume of spheres, hemispheres, cones. Cuboids, nets of solids, finding a dimension

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      Irish HL:

      Paper 1

      Roinn I: Cluastuiscint - Listening comprehension - Your exam starts off with a listening comprehension that has three parts to it (Cuid A, Cuid B agus Cuid C). Cuid A shows two people talking about themselves and you must answer four questions on each person (so 8 questions in this part). Cuid B shows a news announcement and a news piece and you must answer three questions on each one (so 6 questions in this part). Cuid C shows two conversations between two people. Both of the conversations are separated into segments, An Chéad Mhír agus An Dara Mír. You will hear each Cuid twice. In Cuid C, you will hear the whole conversation of each the first time then it will be divided into the segments. Cluastuiscint isn't worth much marks: 40 marks - so getting even a couple of marks in there is grand.

      Roinn 2: Léamhthuiscint - Reading comprehension - There are two reading comprehensions on your paper. Each has 5 questions though some have multiple questions in one i.e. 1 (a) and (b). In the second comprehension, the last two questions are different though. In both of these questions, you are given a summarised line from a sentence found in a paragraph which you have state - you answer this question by stating which paragraph it's from. Léamhthuiscint is worth 40 marks, 20 marks per comprehension - pretty easy marks to earn because the answers are in front of you.

      Roinn 3: Trialacha Teanga Comthéacsula - Language Contextual Test - This is the grammar question on your paper. It is split into two parts, A and B. In A, you are given a text and you will have to change the verbs in bold into a particular tense that you are told to change them into. The verbs can be of any tense and conjugation i.e. including the saorbhriathar - so make sure you know them all, INCLUDING the Modh Coinníollach. In B, you are given 5 different grammar questions. These grammar questions can consist of ANY sort of Irish grammar including variations of a conjunction between tenses, prepositions, the Genitive Case etc - so be aware of that. There is not much you can do for this section (unless you really want to learn more about Irish grammar) but hope you be lucky of choosing the right choices on the day. The last question in B shows a sentence and you have to spot where there's a grammar mistake in it.

      Roinn 4: Ceapadóireacht - Composition - This is where you compose an essay, story or speech. The Aiste (Essay) always has 5 choices to pick from, the Scéal (Story) always has 2 choices to pick from - the first choice is one where you have to include a given sentence at the beginning of your story whilst the second choice is an event that happened in a particular place or setting, the Díospóireacht (Speech) always has 2 choices also to pick from. Ceapadóireacht is worth 50 marks - so is a big question - make sure you do good in this question!

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      Technical Graphics: HL

      Section A

      15 short questions for all parts of the course: you must do 10

      Section B

      6 Long Questions. You must do 4.

      Q1 Orthographic Projection

      Q2 Rotations

      Q3 Axonometric/Isometric Projection

      Q4 Solids in Contact or Developments

      Q5 Transformation Geometry

      Q6 The Ellipse and the Parabola

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      this is really helpful thanks :)

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      Alex F

      History HL

      Section 1 : Pictures . 15 marks

      3 Pictures each 5 marks

      Can be from any period but usually 1 from 1st 2nd and 3rd year course.

      Answers are from the picture but usually requires some of your own knowledge.

      Answers must be written in the exam paper

      Section 2 Documents 15 Marks

      2 Documents

      Can be from any period

      Most answers are in the text but some questions will require your knowledge

      Answers must be in the exam paper

      Section 3 Short Questions 20 marks

      20 are given you must answer at 10. (10x2)

      First question is usually the start of the course and rest follow in order.

      Answers must be given on the sheet so don't write the answers elsewhere.

      Try to use the lines given to you, I,e if they give 2 lines for a definition try and keep to it.

      Always answer more then 10 questions. This will guarantee you marks if one of your other questions were wrong.

      And no you cannot get an overage of marks. The maximum is 20.

      Section 4: People in History 40 marks

      You Must answer one from A and one from B

      You are given three options in each.

      The A options are usually from 1st year to start/middle of second Year topics.

      The B option are from 2nd and 3rd Year.

      When writing stay in essay format, don't write bullet points it will just decrease your overall marks .

      Each is marked as it follows

      16 marks for facts (8x2)

      4 for how overall it is.

      Section 5: Source Based Question 30 marks

      This question is from your second year study.

      You are given a picture, a small paragraph like an account and maybe a picture of a person.

      You also must write an account from this topic

      Section 6: Long Questions 60 marks

      This is 1/3 of the marks for the WHOLE exam, so really make an effort.

      You must answer 2 out 4 . These are usually called A,B,C or D

      A is really unpredictable and can be literally anything.

      Only do this if the topic is something you really know.

      B is always Social Change in Ireland.

      It's very hard to get full mark answers from this section as even though it looks simple like change in television but you can't waffle here.

      C is always Irish History

      It can be early or later, but hopefully early as that is the easier one.

      D is always International Relations

      This is very popular and gives you so much choice

      Be familiar with your topics here

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