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Subjects for 1 st year !!!heellpp
Markio The Junior Cert — 02/11/16 5

For 1 st year what will we have at the exams in December/November and at the end of the year?what should first years learn (the most important subjects for me are :science,maths,English,history,business)

E.Devitt — 08/10/16
You'll be tested on the stuff you've done. Not all teachers follow the same order. If you ask they'll tell you whats roughly being tested but not the actual questions
Markio — 08/10/16
Ok thanks
Cathal_8908 — 13/10/16
Lol, when I was in first year them tests were a joke
SryanBruen — 02/11/16
Cathal all tests are a joke tbh hahaha.
Cathal_8908 — 02/11/16
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