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    Super Nervous!!! How much study did you do for the junior cert? Perdictions fire

    I am so nervous as it is a little bit more than a week to my junior cert and i haven't really done any study like at all. The same happened for the mocks and i studied the night before and got more than 60 percent in everything. I have honestly no motivation. Is anyone in the sam boat? and how much study have you done for the Junior Cert? and what is predicted to come up this year?

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      Just do exam questions from here on out

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      I did the JC last year and everybody in my year did better in the actual JC, (than the mocks) they mark the JC way easier . I got an A in english by being really dramatic with all my answers and an A in CSPE by studying nothing at all, I got B's and C;s in everything else so really Theres nothing to worry about. I did hardly any study ,just cram as much as u can

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      i have done lots of exam paper questions just do exampapers from now on

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