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    Technical Graphics Advice. Cathal_8908

    Hi guys, I am in a bit of a tough situation.

    I am at the end of 1st year and I am doing Technical Graphics, in which I'm struggling massively. When I mean struggling, I mean that I simply don't understand it. I am considering switching to Technology for 2nd year but; I would have a whole year to catch up on. I might not be comfortable in that either and some people are telling me it's like Technical Graphics.

    My school has told me that if I want it is possible to change and that I would probably be able to catch up but I would have do a lot of work on my own (Summer etc.)

    If you have any idea if I should stay and try to struggle on and attempt to do some work over the Summer or should I just bail out a move to Technology.


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      Read through the papers and see if you'd actually like technology and would try and study... But yeah you should probably switch.

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      dont worry man I got you homes snap me: monameiscathal

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