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The fact that the junior cert means nothing
John smith234 The Junior Cert — 15/06/16 2

I just wanted to make this post as a leaving cert student(actually just finished) to tell junior certs that theres actually no reason to be stressing over the junior cert. When you get into 4th or 5th year nobody will care about it as it has no importance, Its especially useless for the subjects that you are going to drop for example i was stressing over business and metalwork because i found them quite difficult. I dropped them after the junior and never needed to look at them again. Even grades for subjects that you are going to keep barely mean anything as the courses of those subjects change dramatically for the majority of them. For example in french i hated writing letters and postcards but in higher level french in leaving cert you dont even do them. When i was in junior cert i wished that i knew that it meant nothing at the end of the day at the time i saw it as really important as they were the biggest exams i had faced but trust me the leaving cert has a billion times more importance and is the only thing that should be worried about.

Moon — 15/06/16
Thanks for sharing this.Some people take it too seriously and do their head in with the JC.
ScienceExam — 15/06/16
Well that makes me feel a lot better, It seems that I keep telling myself the same thing as you said about but I can't stand the feeling in 4th year of how everyone will get good results and I won't that's the part I can't get over.
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