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    Third year Ciararm


    I'm about to commence the concluding year of the junior certificate course. I'm quite apprehensive. I would immensely appreciate any tips. If you were to repeat third year what advice would you give yourself and what would you do differently?

    Thank you.

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      If the teachers tell you to start revising in September, because the junior cert is coming up, they aren't lying, the year flies. I would start early and have all my notes written before Christmas and revise them until the pres. After the pre then focus on the Irish oral, so make sure you have everything learnt for that a week before a day you were given, because I didn't know the day of my oral until two days before and make sure you have starred to study your previously prepare notes at Easter. That way you pace yourself throughout the whole year and I found out at the time of the exam, I could sleep without pulling all nighters and I had time to do things at the weekends

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      Thank you @granners

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      Hey Ciararm. I can't emphasise enough how you have to start in September even if it's not a lot of study. Especially if you are like me who had two practical subjects as they took up a lot of my time. Organise all of your notes as soon as you get them as ALL your notes can be used later on in the year. If you have a problem with a specific topic sort it out at the time because if you say *I'll do it later* , later might not happen. If you want to do well you have to have a positive attitude with all your subjects. Of course there will be days that will be tough but you'll get through it with hard work and determination. I'm here to help if you need more help with anything :D

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      I highely advise you , it is not ALWAYS just about notes , do as many as exam papers as you can and whilst doing it , you will realize there is questions coming up litreally exact same every year or every two years. Just remember , when people say ''Ah sure it's grand , its just the Junior Cert'' , don't let that get to you. Study and make sure you don't leave the exams early. Don't leave cause you feel stressed and cause your friends are leaving. Also start studying little by little every day , this way you wouldn't be cramming. Find your study techniques , make a study planner , like make sure you have time for friends , technology , family and everything. It is hard but you will manage. Have folders for your preps if you are doing art , make sure you like bring things in on time. I didn't have an oral exam but if I did , I would read every day just for 5 minutes max and then ask myself questions and answer them. I suggest you highlight the important stuff , don't be all like '' ah sure my mates haven't started studying'' that is Bullocks! I promise you , they are studying , they just don't wanna show it. I know I let this get to me , that is why for 5th year I won't be focusing on others , rather I will focus on myself! Whatever you get at the end , you can improve. If you need help don't be afraid to stay behind and ask , don't be afraid to be late for your next class . Teachers DO suggest YOU LEARN certain things and I HIGHLY recommend you do learn them inside out and when you do , you should be able to at least write an a4 page about it. I so regret not studying well for it. The night before each exam , I found out how I should've been studying for the past 3 years.

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      Thank you

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