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    This is a serious question... hamzamughees

    Hey Guys...

    This is a serious question that has been going around my school lately and teachers have been talking about. What happens if you wake up the day you have an exam and you have a headache???

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      Eat a Paracetamol and you'll be ok 😜

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      You should go to your school reception, most schools have medication for headaches. or bring in your own medicine. You are allowed to bring sweets to suck on in the exams, if that helps. You can also ask your parents to write you a note requesting for a seat that is not near the window to get away from the sun :)

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      Ok, yeah but even a bit of headache could be very annoying in an exam, and could take a lot of time from the exam. bye the way, taking a paracetamol would not cure you straight away would it.

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      Paracetamol will probably take around half an hour to kick in, by the time the exams start at 9:30 you should be fine :) Drink plenty of water even during the exam

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