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Time management for studying
A-123St The Junior Cert — 19/09/16 7

Hi everyone, I'm in 3rd year now, and I'm doing 11 HL subjects at school, as well as one HL subject outside of school. I do extracurricular activities after school Tuesday-Friday, so I'm pretty busy outside of school. I'm aiming for 12 As or close to that in the Junior Cert this year, and got 11 As in the second year summer exams without doing much really. In third year we have tests (some of which include 1st/2nd year topics) in the first week of October in my school, and I'm having trouble finding time to study and revise old material. It seems like I'm always doing something/eating/too tired to study. Any help would be appreciated, thanks :)

A-123St — 16/09/16
I would really prefer to keep doing all four extracurricular activities after school as well btw.
A-123St — 17/09/16
roro123 — 17/09/16
Hi, I'm in 3rd year too and I've been having the same problem as you. After i've done all my homework and test study I find I don't have any time to revise old material. Ive got extra curricular activaties 3 times a week, and on 2 of these days it leaves me with little time to study. What I've done is rather that 3 days of one of my activaties i now do it 2 days a week, and one of my activities which i do in school i do every second week instead. Maybe you could try getting up an hour earlier, if thats possible, and use that time to revise old material? I don't know how late you work until, but maybe try working a bit later in the evenings if you are finishing early? Also, if you go out a lot on the weekends, maybe you could go out one day instead, for example dedicate saturday for revision and go out on sundays?
A-123St — 18/09/16
I was thinking about getting up earlier as well, since my evenings seem to fly.
E.Devitt — 19/09/16
I'm afraid the bottom line is that if youre looking for straight A's something has to give. I'm not saying drop all your extra curriculars but I'd be dropping at two of them. I'm in sixth year and going for medicine and I have one extra curricular on a tuesday night at about 8 so I'm studying until then too. I'd keep whatever you do on a friday for definite but I've never done a stroke on a friday evening and never do now either. If you do decide to drop anything make it something you can easily go back to after the exams. Sorry about that but its my honest opinion. Hope this was helpful and may the odds be ever in your favour!
JCScenes — 19/09/16
If you're really looking for 12 A's, you may have to drop some of these extra-curricular activities. Or else, you may have to give up your weekends. Honestly though, it's a lot easier then you think. I only fully got started studying in April and that was constant note taking. So basically 2 months of hard study was good for me, I got 6 A's and 5 B's. I didn't give up anything either. You don't have to. Just use your time well. 4 hours each night including homework from January should get what you want. I studied on Saturdays and Sundays from 9-5 with breaks. Weekdays was about 6-10 at night. But this can be shifted to suit you. To get 12 A's, you do not need to give up anything, just use your time well. Since I started in April, you should really start around January or February for 12 A's. Its up to you though. In my opinion, relax and keep working on homework for now. Don't worry. Don't make your life a misery. It's only the Junior Cert. All you can do is your best.
mathswhiz101 — 19/09/16
I did extra cirricular activities and I got my straight A's. The main thing is to listen and do your homework well and if you do that you're already well ahead of yourself. Study in large amounts in not necessary if you study smartly. Know what you intend to study before you start and know what you intend to have accomplished by the end. When you have a topic covered, use the exam paper section in studyclix and you'll find all the questions that have come up in recent years relating to the topic. If you can do all of them without reference, you know it. If you have to reference thats also grand as you learn from mistakes. You shouldn't have to give up enjoyment time if you are tippping away with the work because after all its only JC.
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