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    too much homework and not enough study HRCstudent3690

    I still get soooo much homework even though it's really close to the J.C. and I feel that i'm not getting enough study because i'm always so busy trying to finish my h/w. i know h/w is a form of study but it's really worrying me-should i just concentrate on study and spend less time on homework or vice versa?


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      I think you should talk to your teachers and maybe get them to lay off on the homework in order to give you more time to study xx

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      We actually wrote a blog on this exact topic a few months back.

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      the blog was really helpful ;)

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      same ..... we get tonnes eg. 3 geography long qs per night :/

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      aleeha ali

      same!!!! uhh less study more hw

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      I think this is disgraceful. All homework is pretty much useless and you should be able to choose what you study instead of being forced!

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      11ND - CCM

      Homework is stupid? Nice joke pal.. I think homework is really good for you. It's a form of study and can help people to focus and work because they know they have to do it. Exam papers are a great way to study and revise, and that is all the homework you should be getting at this stage, so yes, it is very much a form if study. I'm not all for getting too much homework, but certainly a good bit can do no harm at all!

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      I do exam papers by myself, "pal". I don't need a teacher to tell me to do them. And I should be able to choose which subjects I get to study instead of 1 teacher giving me a crapload of homework for a subject or a topic in a subject that I don't care about or already know everything I have to know about that. And I didn't say "Homework is stupid", I said it's pretty much useless, for the reasons I've stated in this post

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