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    Transition Year :D Christy

    Hey fellow JC sufferers!

    The Jc is soooo soon :o time flies! Anyway I was wondering for those of my fellow fortunate's doing TY,

    do you think its a good idea to start applying for work experience now? and over the summer?

    And what if the thing that you want to apply for states that they don't accept individual applicants, only applications from your school, however I can't contact my TY administrator again until August when school starts back,but I fear that the places may be taken up, any advice?

    I'm also hoping to get a summer job to save up for the TY trip and I was wondering would shops/ people employ a 15 year old with no cv or anything but her mock results? fingers crossed I know it's unlikely, but nothing is impossible -any advice on this too

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      I know time absolutely FLIES but to be honest, can't wait for it to be over!

      lucky enough to be doing TY myself and I definitely think it would be worth looking around for work experience as things do tend to fill up fast. I wouldn't be too worried about that applications thing, there are sooo many places that take individual applicants and if they aren't that flexible, chances are there are people in the same position as you so chances are those place wont fill up as fast. regarding the summer job, I know a few friends of mine around 15/16 who got work in places like kidzone (you know where they have like jungle gyms and bowling etc) so maybe if you have one local that would be willing to hire? Hope that helped! and good luck In june!

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      It did, Thanks a mill! :D

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