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    TY or not? Eve smith

    I have to make a decision soon on whether to do ty or go into 5th year. I'm really confused on what to do because most of my friends are doing ty and I don't want to be on my own........ I'm afraid ty could take me out of studying.........any advice PLEASE HELP.

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      Go straight to 5th year

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      Grace Fay

      Ty was a great experience. I found it a great time to learn new skills and I certainly had no trouble getting straight back into studying in 5th year! You are just as busy in 4th year just in different ways. Get involved in as much as possible!

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      Definitely skip it. You'll thank yourself at the end of 6th year trust me.

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      Skip it.In my opinion going into TY might make you change your behavior towards work as its course is very different compared to other years.In TY you don't have homework but you have assessments and project work.I know some people take TY to relax and do nothing.If that persists then that person will be doomed going into fifth year.IF you are a hardworking student and tries your best I will say go for it.Imagine the possibilities to participate for competitions like BT young scientist, going on trips etc..It's your choice really.I would have chosen to do TY but I don't think my school have enough exciting trips to go to.;/

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      mate 4th year was whooper. i had a turbo minty time myself

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      ty is expensive so i would say skip it

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      Eve smith

      thank you

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