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    (URGENT) Study Plan DanielMcCormick17

    Can someone please put together an efficient study plan for me? It would be greatly appreciated.

    I study;

    HL English

    HL Irish

    HL Maths

    HL Spanish

    HL History

    HL Geography

    HL Business studies

    HL Science

    & HL RE

    I am bad at Maths Spanish Science and Business but am good at History Geography and English if that helps.

    This is urgent so can it be put together A.S.A.P.


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      lmao why don't you do it yourself

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      Try making one around times and hours that suit you :) for example, you struggle with chemistry, every Monday Wednesday Friday you revise 2 chapters a day. Try a study class maybe? Then create a plan for every study class, for example you go to a 2 hour study class, you decide for the first hour to revise Trading, Profit and Loss Appropriation Accounts and for than for the next 2 half hours do a 2 subjects your good at :) Hope this helps! (try doing a calendar rather than a big long to do list)

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      Shut up Joanne, he obviously needs help.

      Monday 21st March:

      Maths - Learn Geometry (Practice exam questions (I can give you some) (30 mins)

      Tuesday 22nd March:

      Spanish - Learn 2 vocabulary topic lists (for example, numbers, months etc) (20 mins)

      Science - Study Biology (I can give you a whole paper just on Biology if you like) (time varies on completion of paper)

      Wednesday 23rd March:

      Business studies - Learn Economics (Land, capital, labour, enterprise, foreign trade, the national budget etc) (exam questions do you want?) (time varies but 30 mins approximately)

      Maths - Learn Factorising (practice exam questions!!! make sure you know all 4 types) (25-30 mins)

      Thursday 24th March:

      Spanish - Learn another 3 vocabulary topic lists (do not forget to test yourself after) (30 mins)

      Irish - Learn studied poetry (make sure you know your sample answer fully in English) (20 mins)

      Friday 25th March:

      Business studies - Learn Banking (inc. Borrowing, Saving & Investing, Money etc) (40 mins) (it's a long and important section!)

      Geography - Learn an example of mass movement (20 mins) (practice an exam question and this is perfectly done)

      Saturday 26th March:

      History - Learn an ancient civilisation you have studied (so like Ancient Rome, Egypt etc) (exam questions do you want?) (25 mins)

      Sunday 27th March:

      Maths - Learn Trigonometry (exam questions...?) (25 mins)

      ^ I suggest 1 subject on these weekend days because it's Easter

      Monday 28th March:

      Spanish - Learn another 3 vocabulary topic lists (30 mins)

      Irish - Learn studied prose (20 mins)

      Tuesday 29th March:

      Science - Learn Chemistry (I have a whole paper based on Chemistry if you want?) (time varies on completion of paper)

      Business studies - Learn the Household Consumer and the Household Budget (30 mins) (exam questions...?)

      Wednesday 30th March:

      Maths - Learn Functions (35 mins) (exam questions...?)

      History - Learn World War 2 and Fascist Italy (30 mins) (exam questions....?)

      Thursday 31st March:

      Geography - Learn an example of coastal erosion and deposition (30 mins)

      Spanish - Learn another 3 vocabulary topic lists (30 mins)

      Friday 1st April:

      Spanish - Learn postcard and note PHRASES but if you know them then practice letters in exam questions (not full postcards, notes or letters) (25 mins)

      Science - Study Physics (again I have a whole paper on just Physics for you if you like?) (time varies)

      Saturday 2nd April:

      Business studies - Learn the Trading, Profit & Loss Appropriation Account and the Balance Sheet (30 mins)

      Maths - Learn Perimeter, Area & Volume (exam questions...?) (30 mins)

      English - Learn studied film / play and poetry (30-50 mins) (practice exam questions)

      Sunday 3rd April:

      English - Learn studied short story / novel (30 mins)

      Irish - Learn grammar such as tenses, prepositions etc (35 mins) (I can give you exercises on this)

      Business studies - Learn Marketing and Club Accounts (30 mins)

      You do not have to learn off everything before starting school again. You can do that during weekends of the rest. Just remember that after you have done all this stuff, you would have done a lot of revision already. You do not have to go over these again as I'm sure that your teachers will, so you move on to stuff I haven't mentioned in this during weekends.

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      Thanks SryanBruen this really helps

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