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    What are you dreading? i.e. You feel that will be a bad exam. SryanBruen

    I am dreading French - due to my terrible new teacher I've gotten since the start of 3rd year, Science and Maths Paper 2 - the mock was extremely hard, so I dunno what else to think about this paper.

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      Maths II don't get trigonometry geometry etc at all

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      Cian I haven't a clue what you are talking 'bout.

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      Cian just know your sin cos and tan and plug in you values and you'll be grand.

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      French because my teacher is putting loads of pressure on me to get an a as she thinks I'm capable and I'm not 😂 and science as my teacher only showed up for like 3 classes this term

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      Oh sorry haha. I thought he meant that Maths paper 2 doesn't have them.Very sorry for that misunderstanding hahaha.

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      They always put the questions confusingly too

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      Yes. Unfortunately that's what HIGHER LEVEL Maths is.

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      I feel like maths gonna be so hard and science , idk , im so scared , do you have any last advices on geography? I feel like i don't know any of settlement and urbanisation because our teacher just did it with us brifley just last week :(

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      Maths hahaha and business

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      For French look at past paper comprehensions and learn the vocab in them. One year it asked a question in the comprehensions about someone staying in a hotel and how they like looking at the snow on the mountains, then 2 years later it asked for you to say how you like seeing the snow on the mountains in your postcard. Learn phrases for your letter and you'll be grand

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      maths paper 1 can u plex he,p me

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      please help me***

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      I wouldn't even bother learning anything but physical geography and maps. I'm only learning those and that has be covered for questions 1,2 and 5

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      Is there anything you need help with in particular that is on Maths paper 1 Jaspreet_7741?

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      All me other exams I am not worried at all about {CSPE - LOL why would I be, Maths paper 1, Geography, History, Music and Business}

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      Is an essay about an event at a concert okay for this " ‘Fuist, le do thoil, a mhamaí! Fan go gcloisfidh tú mo thaobhsa den scéal ....’" it's when I went to a concert with my sister and the crowd was rough and there was a bit of a riot and my sister got hit in the head and started bleeding I brought her to the hospital bandaged it and our dad brought us home

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      @SryanBruen Goodluck in all your exams, your resources are great! You've helped so much students!

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      Science and Maths like bruh that combination is like Peter and Micheal in Eng Paper 2

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      LOL ^. Thanks a lot Jade, you too (if you're doing them haha). And yes Cian that is perfectly fine!

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      I'm dreading history and science, mainly because my teachers are expecting so much of me and they're both such random papers- I just don't know what to expect ! ☹️

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      mostly German as I am terrible at it and History

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      English, Irish and Maths

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      Math ppr 222222

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      Religion & TG

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      Maths paper 2! Any construction and theorem predictions??

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      Theorem 19 is all I can predict for it. Really not looking forward to it!

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      Theorem 19 came up in 2014 though?

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      Again Jackw16, I say this for the second time. Look at the pattern:

      Project Maths first came into play in 2012. Then theorem 19 appeared on the paper in 2012 and 2014? - Every 2 years... so that's why!

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      I'm dreading science and tech graphics, of the two maths papers I'm better at Paper 2 and Paper 1 didn't go absolutely awfully so hopefully that carries on to Paper 2 haha

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      @SyranBruen have you got a full proof for theorem 19?

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      Yes Daniel why?

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      sorry i meant theorem 14

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      Danielle*** sorry

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      Yes I do with that also

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      nevermind i mixed up the theorems ... so it is definitely going to be the circle theorem?

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      Not for definite, but I don't see how it wouldn't come up since this is the 2nd year and Project Maths only began in 2012?

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      although pythagoras was on my mock

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      Like I'm learning it... though I'm struggling big time because I don't understand these theorems at all.

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      me too! i cant seem to remember them

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      thanks for your help

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      I didn't get any proof Geometry theorems on my mock.... all I got close to them was EXPLAIN THE TERM COROLLARY - I never ever heard that word in me life haha.

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      Looking back at this, I should have been dreading Geography haha.

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