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    What can't you bring into the junior cert? Tara king

    What can't you bring into the room? Like do you need a clear pencil case? Can you bring mints, little sweets ect? Someone help!

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      You don't need a clear pencil case but if you have one it just means they won't check it, whereas they might if they suspect you have cheat mites in it. Sweets are allowed and advised as long as they don't make too much noise and I would also suggest bringing water in

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      yes you need a clear pencil case

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      I think these little questions are on everyones mind atm! Yes, I'm using a clear pencilcase - for handiness sake also and they tend to be flat and make less noise - as for sweets etc... I'm also bringing something like that just to chew or suck on.

      Our Year Head also told us :

      No bags

      Not too much bottled water

      No notes/books (as there is never really any study time)


      Good luck :)x

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