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What do yas think so far?
DONALD J. TRUMP The Junior Cert — 16/06/16 4

How do you all find the tests so far? I think - English Paper 1 was easy. - Paper 2 was harder, but not too bad - Irish was easy (OL) - Geography was really easy if you picked the right questions - Maths Paper 1 was pretty hard - First half of Paper 2 was easy, second half was really hard - CSPE was Ban Ki-Moon

donalnoc32 — 13/06/16
exactly mr trump
EH458 — 15/06/16
I feel like it's all been so much easier than I imagined, English and Irish were great, lots of people complained about the Geog but as you said yourself if you did the right Q's it was fine, Maths was a bit hard, CSPE was so easy I did all of the questions looked over it twice and still left 30 minutes early, Business studies went perfect - couldn't have asked for anything better, and French today was amazing! So really Science and Religion and Tech Graphics is going to put me in a dreadful mood because I hate them all haha
DonaldTrump — 15/06/16
Yeah Business was really easy. Much easier than past papers. History was probably the easiest exam of them all I think. (Other than CSPE)
SryanBruen — 16/06/16
Firstly, everything except English and History is HL for me. English - Sooo easy Irish Paper 1 - Okay.... Listening was hard. Everything else was grand Irish Paper 2 - Well apart from Unseen Poetry, it was an alright paper Geography - One of the worst I have ever done - though short questions were soooo easy Maths Paper 1 - I found it very easy Maths Paper 2 - Much easier than I thought it would be CSPE - Well when is it ever hard? LOL Business Paper 1 - Grand paper... both short and long questions were so easy Business Paper 2 - Alright paper... not very hard or very easy French - Lovely paper... MUCH easier than I thought it would be History - Exceptionally easy Science - Hard as Science is always for me I have Music only to go next Wednesday.
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