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What's everyone hoping to get next week?
ec2406 The Junior Cert — 08/09/16 4

Aiming for 10As / 9As 1B myself, depending on how English goes. Would these be realistic considering I got 6As 2Bs 2Cs in the mocks?

new styles — 07/09/16
I got 6 As, 3 Bs and 2 Cs in the mocks and then 4 As and 7 Bs in the real thing, also- two of my As in the JC were my Cs in the mocks so you really can't count on anything.
Sarah2014 — 08/09/16
I was aiming for 8 A's - 10 A's but after doing the exams I don't think ill get anywhere near as that :(
ug_roland2504 — 08/09/16
I'm hoping for 8A's and 2 B's since I got 6 A's 3B's and 1C
SryanBruen — 08/09/16
Maths - B English - A Irish - A Geography - C History - A Music - B Science - D CSPE - A Business - B French - B I'd be happy with these
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