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    Why am I doing so bad? naxmax9

    Are the teachers marking the exams really hard or what?. I studied for a month with exam papers. I thought I'd do so well on business because I thought the exam was easy and i end up with a low b? Is the junior cert going to be corrected really tough?

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      The Junior Cert was so easy bro hahaha. Just wait 'til mocks, now they are marked very hard. The Junior Cert itself is marked good, very good. DON'T BE WORRYING ABOUT THE JUNIOR CERT, it's a piece of cake! So the first thing to know is what did you do so bad on in your exam? What could you improve on or study more?

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      I actually have no idea. I wrote a lot for Irish and i got 56. I got 57 in science for some reason. 72 in geography. wrote 2 pages for a question and only got 8 marks out of 10. I'll just continue to study hard I guess

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      Well not knowing what you did bad on won't help unfortunately.

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      The Junior Cert is not "easy" , but anyone can achieve good results through hard work and most importantly, studying smart. It is not usually marked on writing pages and pages but on the content i.e. covering the key points. Try and look at the marking schemes to see what the examiner is looking for in the question. If you are unsure about what you did well on/ what you need to improve, ask your teacher for advice.

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      You need to focus on key points. You said you wrote 2 pages and got only 8/10 marks but maybe you kept repeating yourself. Eg. If you are asked "What is the importance of milk in the diet?"

      What to write :

      Milk contains calcium which is especially important in the diets of babies and children for strong bones and teeth.

      Milk contains HBV (high biological protein) which is essential in the diets of babies, pregnant women and Invalids for the growth and repair of body cells.

      DONT write:

      Milk is important In the diet as it contains calcium which is needed for strong bones and teeth. Strong bones and teeth are important. With strong bones and teeth your body can function. Milk contains vitamin d to help calcium for song bones and teeth.

      Get my drift?

      Hope this helps.


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      Thanks, FavourA1. I know what you mean. I do try to write a lot of key points but I do sometimes waffle in between.

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      @SryanBruen I'm sorry but you of all people can't say the JC was a "piece of cake" if you studied your ass off for it and spent like every day on Studyclix hyperventalating about it and got like one A (and at bloody OL). I've no right to say anyone's results are bad (and I'm not saying yours are) but you can't say the JC is easy with that amount of effort unless you get all A's.

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      'Bad' is an adjective, used to describe a noun. For example: 'It was a bad apple'.

      An adverb is used to modify a verb, and in this case the corresponding adverb is 'badly'. So 'You did badly in the exams'.

      Similarly, 'It is a good apple', and 'I did well in the exams' ('good' is the adjective, 'well' is the adverb)

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      ec2406, I DID NOT STUDY AT ALL. I worked my ass off helping all you students on this.

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      So no study whatsoever and I got all honours (well really 8, because those 2 As were OL subjects).

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      Ask your teachers! They're your best source of information :P

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      The reason u did bad was because u studied too much..... U should b started at least the week before ........

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