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    xmas tests are too early ag2000

    it is no where near the Christmas hols and all my school/year are having their Xmas test this week and some last week. does anyone else have this problem?

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      i have had 4 minor tests already :/

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      They're givin Xmas tests at the end of November/start of December so Christmas time isn't ruined by havin to stay in studying. Once they're out of the way, u can enjoy Xmas time. That's why:)

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      More likely the teachers don't want to correct them over their hols!

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      thanks guys for the feed back. @xanessa06 and @GEeographyQueen, i guess your right never thought on that.

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      @GeographyQueen yeah thats true

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      im doing the last 3 of mine this week. But all mine are xmas tests i have already done all the rest. and thanks too. @andrewsmyth24

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