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    6th Year advice Kestell

    I am currently getting a C+ average this year. Next year is my Leaving Cert. Is it unrealistic of me to aim for 530 points next year? Does anybody have recommendations on what I can do? Please help!

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      what i did last year (5th year) is i went on to and i did exam paper questions and i would advise start studing now because if you start in 6th year like i did you will have twice as much to do compared to if you did it in 5th year. Plus i would get revise wise and flash cards as revision aids.

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      You won't really know where you stand until you complete the course in all subjects

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      C+ in what levels?

      your top 6 subjects are counted,

      if you do 6 higher level subjects your max is 600.

      if you do higher maths and get extra 25, your max is 625.

      if you do 5 higher and 1 ordinary your max is 560.

      please bare in mind when your doing an ordinary level subject its A1=60 points A2=50 points.

      My advice would be to get your assignments out of the way so you have time to study.

      Advice in following subjects:

      Biology; study all the experiments at home before you do them with your teacher (disc at back of book) also mr-c biology is a brilliant website and Hank crash course biology.

      History; Get way ahead on your special essay, that takes a lot more time then you think. I suggest doing somebody from 1916 rising because it is the centenary.

      Irish; dont underestimate that Oral!!!! 40 marks for reading the poem alone. you need to read them every night coming upto the oral.

      You must have an idea of CAO if your aiming for 530 it must be something good, best of luck!!!!

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      Thanks for all the advice! I am doing all Higher and I'm in an all Irish school. I also have 8 subjects. I haven't decided if/when I will drop one.

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      No problem atal,,

      If your struggling with one subject not sure if you'll pass, I'd drop it to Ordinary! Keep 7 subjects higher in case you fail 1 you still get counted out of 6 higher! :D

      If you wait until the end you might not drop one so I'd advise you to possibly think about it soon. :)

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