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    6th Year Study Tips John4853

    Just wondering when is it best to start studying for the leaving cert Ive made a study plan out but havent yet started studying has anyone started yet? and also wondering do I go over the exam papaers? Aiming for about 400 points :)

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      I started in 5th year and started again from day one in 6th year only cause I need over 500 points, I'd start going over exam papers as soon as you start studying as the more familiar you are with the questions the better you will do. As for when to start i'd start now so you can spread it out rather than doing nothing now and 6 hours a night coming up to the exam, little and often is better than cramming!

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      Thanks for that much appreciated and good luck in getting what you want :)

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      No bother, thanks same to you! :)

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