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    CAO help!! :/ joanne1

    i have registered for the cao and i'll probably be using the change of mind thing from 6th to 1st of may . i have a restricted course already down as my choice in level 8 .I'm just wondering would it effect that course i have down already if i put another course down as for example choice 3 of 4 i.e will it delete my restricted course i have down as no.1 and will i loose it?help please! :/

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      Don't panic! The change of mind facility opens in the first week of May and stays open until July 1st. You have to have restricted courses listed on your CAO form by february 1st. You can have them in any order as long as they are on your form. You can add in other courses as well, it doesn't matter. The order of preference is very important from May onwards. If you change your mind about a restricted course later on and no longer want to attend for interview or complete a portfolio then you just ignore it and take it off your form in May.

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      ok thanks,but what if I took the restricted course off my list in may of something and i changed my mind and wanted to put it back on ,will that be possible?

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