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    Do Points always go up? vanessa B


    I want to try and get into Nursing in either Maynooth or UCD. I think I will just about get the points for it but I have no chance if they go up by more than 20 points. I've heard from people that with our dodgy economy and no jobs that points are going up. Do they always go up? and by how much?

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      They always go up, depending on interest! also now with the extra points just for doing honours maths, they are soaring! there is always the choice of doing nursing studies at FETAC level if you don't get the points! goodluck! :) hope I helped a little!

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      vanessa B

      Thanks Amanda, Maybe I should have stuck with honours Maths but I dropped to ordinary in 5th year. I'll just have to hope and work my ass off this year. thanks for the help!

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      no problem, Honours maths is pretty hard .. Ordinary is a lot easier! well if maths isnt your thing maybe English is :)

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      there is such a difference between higher level maths and ordinary maths and i think they should make it more even

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      i agree! :)

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      you should keep your options open and not just pick one course. in my school there are not a lot of people doing higher level maths because it is so difficult and so hard to figure out what is coming up with out the exam papers

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      no, they don't always go up, i looked at law. it went from 450 and then back to 435 or something, well its points decreased. it just depends on the increase, but nursing is a very popular one, highly unlikely the points would decrease for that :)

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