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    Hardest Leaving cert subjects? joe Biscuit

    Hi, I am still only in 3rd year but i'm going to skip TY (waste of time). I am just wondering which leaving cert subjects are the ones to avoid. I have heard HIgher maths takes up way more time than any other subject. is there any optional subjects that are not worht the trouble and are really hard to do well in ?

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      Hi, I am in 6th year and I find Chemistry to be difficult and it does require a lot of studying but I enjoy science subjects, so because I enjoy it I know I will work at it more! My advice to you is to choose subjects you know you will enjoy!

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      Hey! History and Biology are pretty hard graft if I'm honest. Unless you're really interested in those subjects or have to do them because of your career choice, then avoid them. History at junior cert is A LOT different for the leaving cert! And...TY was not a waste of time! :P

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      Hey! History and Biology are pretty hard graft if I'm honest. Unless you're really interested in those subjects or have to do them because of your career choice, then avoid them. History at junior cert is A LOT different for the leaving cert! And...TY was not a waste of time! :P

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      history and physics

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      and honors maths :L

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      it all depends what you're better at :)

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      H.e, geography, biology, music - pretty easy subjects. :D

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      for me it has to be biology

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      History is definitely the hardest and longest course of all the other subjects, avoid if you don't have an interest or if you didn't do well in your jc in it

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      I'd say to avoid subjects like biology, history and geography as though they're easy to understand, there's a really broad course and a lot of information to retain. Subjects like music, physics, chemistry, construction, DCG ect are easier to study for because they also have a broad practical element which breaks up the learning.

      And I've got to say I disagree with you, TY- NOT a waste of time!!!

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      I'm currently in third year as well. I also think TY is a huge waste of time. Im choosing history, business ,economics higher level French , honours maths, English and Irish. I would advise you to pick the subjects you like as you will be more motivated to study and that's the key to high points. If you want to do something in medicine you should keep on the science you need. I personally want to become a lawyer ( barrister or solicitor I don't know yet) so I'm keeping on history as it will help me prepare me for the huge amount of learning for my law course. I also find history interesting. But I also have a job profession back up. If I suddenly change my mind ( which I don't think I will ) I will probably study entrepreneurship in university. I love business. If you have no idea what you want to be, keep your options open. The only reason why I'm not picking a science is because I've never liked it. I hope my advice has helped in your decision making. :)

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      You should rethink skipping ty its not a waste of time at all and helps build you so much. Im such a different person since TY. Anyway I'd say stay away from Chemistry and HIstory. I don't do them but everyone I know that does never stops complaining. HL maths can be difficult but nowhere near as hard as HL Irish. I personally find Biology pretty easy and so does the rest of my class

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      Obviously Honours maths is very difficult but I would recommend it! Just keep doing exam questions/ask the teacher to go over stuff

      Art takes up ALOT of time. A lot more than you would think. Seriously.

      Learn your basics for languages oral exam.

      Music is hard for the first year and 1/2 but it soon clicks (what I've been told, I don't do it).

      Wouldn't know about the science subjects but I've been told Biology is very,very large course.

      Geography isn't difficult as long as you keep studying and know your regions! Plus the course isn't hard to understand.

      Do LCVP. Do it. Finish your portfolio as soon as possible. Come August you won't regret it.

      People will tell you Business is piss easy. It's not.

      All subjects are going to be difficult. You need to study each one. I don't mean an intense study session every night in all your subjects - but don't let any of your subjects suffer.

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      The hardest for me is probably Biology and Home-Ec , Even though there is a project in Home-Ec that is worth 20% but even still , The project is hard to do... Maths will always be difficult obviously... I do Business and I find it the easiest out of the lot , For Business - It is all mostly definitions and long questions that just need to be learned properly...

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      whatever you do....STAY AWAY FROM HISTORY.My only advice.

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      Higher maths is the hardest!!! history is pretty hard but its fun to learn,business is extremely hard too chemistry is supposed to take a lot of time up, but go for what you feel and what you like! its easier to study a subject you like. im 15 and im in 5th year by the way

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      How easy or hard a subject is depends entirely on your interest and dedication to it. For example, a lot of people say Biology is very hard but I love it so I find it to be one of my easiest subjects. If you are genuinely interested in a subject, you will do well in it regardless of the size/complexity of the course. I also recommend that you reconsider TY. It really is worthwhile and gives you an extra year to mature.

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      Statistically, Biology is the HARDEST of the 3 LC sciences. It has the highest failure rate and the lowest honours rate.

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      Now that I'm in fifth year, I guess I can give a more informed answer to your question. For me my hardest subject is probably higher level maths. I had a really terrible teacher at the start of the year which didn't help the situation. Anytime we didn't know something he'd just say Jesus Christ and complain how we did all of this stuff in first year. Like wtf we didn't do logs in first year! Anyways, my school changed our teacher because everyone was dropping to ordinary and failing his class. Our new teacher is much better and ACTUALLY explains things. It was like we were drinking dr.pepper all this time and switched to Coca Cola. Enough of my rant about maths, I'll go on to history. The thing I was most shocked about history is that we mostly do essays. To be honest the essays aren't the hard part, it's actually learning the material that is most difficult but when I put it in my own words I tend to remember it more. Between business and economics, economics is probably harder as there is more understanding to the course than business. Economics is very interesting and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who has an interest in current affairs or how consumers behave in response to relative prices. I'm so thankful I picked it over accounting. I love both of business and economics and my grades are very high but I was kinda surprised how factual business is. It's a no bullshit subject as in there is no room for waffle. Which is something I kinda like about it. You don't need to write a whole lot to get the marks just headings, relevant points and examples where required. Which is a stark contrast to history where you really need both quality and quantity to get the grade you want. I can't really give you advice on the science subjects as I don't do one. I honestly found it so boring and I'm also thankful I followed my interests as I love all the subjects I picked for the leaving. Two of my friends do both biology & chemistry and they say that chemistry is definitely the harder one. One of my friends hates it but she's only doing it because she needs it for nursing. But that is only my friends opinions. At the end of the day, everyone is different and has different strengths and capabilities. What I may find interesting, you may find boring and likewise. So you just have to follow your passion as it will never lead you in the wrong direction.

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      If you are still deciding between business route or science route take 2 sciences and 1 business as business courses in Uni tend to teach you like you never did business while science route courses expect you to have some knowledge

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      History is getting roasted here by previous comments but IMO it is very easy once you do not judge it by 2016 yardsticks you must know the information extremely well but don't you have to do that for every subject anyway? Look if you didn't enjoy it for JC then you probably won't enjoy it for LC. But it doesn't get that much harder if you are sharp and adept historically which is so rare nowadays in many people.

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      history theres lots of learning so stay way from that chemistry only do it if youre interested in atoms and biology only do that if youre interested in plants and the study of living organisms

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      The attached document gives the % of Higher Level candidates who got an honour in this years leaving cert.

      attachment % ABC LC 16.xlsx

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      i would say applied maths , technology physics chemistry biology phychem constructions buisness accounting are the HARDEST LEAVING CERT SUBJECTS . the other ones like history religion geography are MUCH MUCH MUCH SIMPLER all they take is fast writing structure information no DIAGRAMS DEFINITIONS EXPERIMENTS AND NO CRITICAL THINKING . I tell you that u should pick what u like youre good at want to do interested in during and enjoy to do it will really help pick subjects that YOU WILL NEED FOR YOUR COURSE and never give up GOOD LUCK

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      History is hard except you have the research project and the majority of students get close to full marks, and it is really easy to gain points so it is more than likely you won't fail

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      Subjects with project work are easy to ensure of points e.g. Constitution music etc

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      thats if they are getting at least ac at theory and c and practical and again you gotta be a critical thinker history religion geography music these are the easiest leaving cert subjects trust me i do biology chemistry and technology which are boring and extremely hard and history religion music would be cool chilled and easy to understand subjects trust these are the subjects id do history religion are just essays but science and t4 subjects there is extreme critical think ing there are diagragrams experiments and formulas to learn trust me it us ANNOYINGGGG

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      chemistry technology biology essay subjects like history and religion are fun but bilogy tech and chemistry are tedious and not fun to read about and if u dont have interest in science u are not likely to do very well if u like science id advise u to pick only one science and pick two other relaxing subjects like history and religion i honestly think science is shit and social subjects like these are good u only have to study 3 chapters per book and u would have to do a 20 per cent research project and a document question and religion its just essay and something outside the book worth 20 and music is kinda relaxing 50 percent practical same with tech but thats way harder and way more boring than history as his is fun so i like music religion and history and kinda art and the other leaving cert subjects are tedious and those are t4 subjects science subjects maths subjects are the tedious ones but technology has 50 per cent practical but is still fucked up and hardddd my advise to u is too pick subjects your good at if u were really good at essay pick two essay subjects and if u want to do science in colledge id asume u like science and pick it so you need science subjects and t4 courses u need t4 subjects to be a social person youd need social sunjects so pick the subjects u truly like your truly good at , u truely enjoy are iterseted in and u want to too when your older and youd be succesful through this best of luck

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      I am in fifth year and it is not as easy as I thought that it was going to be. When I was in third year I was told not to do TY because it would be hard to get back into studying⭐️However now I am sorry that I didn't do TY for a bit of a break. I am worn out😶For LC I am doing HL maths and I don't think that it is as bad as people say. I find English difficult. If you are willing to work then do Chemistry. It is hard but never boring😊. Home Ec is fun and pretty easy🎉I love German it is difficult at times💕 Biology is really fun and easy❤️

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      A lot of people say that history is very hard but you may want to keep it if you have a big interest in it. History was my favourite subject at Junior Cert but when you get to Leaving Cert, you're kind of put off by it because there's so much work. However if you prefer learning essays instead of figuring mathematical equations, I would consider keeping history. Also, no subject in the Leaving Cert is easy, just pick subjects that you enjoy and that are relevant to your college course. If you have no clue what you want to do in college, play it safe and keep a language or a science or both.

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