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    History vs Geography swallace12

    I'm skipping on to fifth year and I'm hoping to do french, biology, Home Economics and one other I don't know whether to choose between geography or History. History is my favourite subject and I'm class at learning essays. Geography is my least favourite subject as i had an awful teacher. I learned nothing and i'm afraid I might be a step behind. Geography is counted as a science subject in some universities and It might come in handy. So what should I choose history because I like it and will get high marks in or geography as it could help me as an extra subject.

    And also can you tell me if you like either subject and why?

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      well select the subject which you think is mostly appropriate for!

      if you don't get enough points in geography its no point of having it as extra subject

      get the one you really like !

      I Am more interested in history because It gave me alot of career path i am interested in :D

      Geography made me bored and i Found myself ending up on rong points so I choose history

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      Both subjects are mainly essay based at leaving cert level. I would not worry too much about how well you know the junior cert course as the Leaving cert course in geography does not really require huge prior knowledge. Take a look at a leaving cert book or past papers for both subjects and see which subject you have more interest in. Normally you will do better in a subject you enjoy.

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      Thanks for your help guys :) oh I mean as an extra science subject

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      LC history is absolutly nothing like Jc history, it is alot more complicated and alot more informaton involved. there are four different topics in which you must study in great detail and in the actual exam you need to write four essays about 4 a4 pages each in 35mins per essay. just letting you know as if someone had told me that jc history is nothing like lc history i would never have picked it!!

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      Thanks Keeley :) I'm quiet excellent so I'm going to pick history.

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      at learning essays*

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      your use of grammar is far from excellent mwhahahahahah

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      I chose History but it depends which subject are you strongest at and which are you most interested in. One thing for History is that you must be extremely motivated as there is alot to learn but if you love it like I do you'll be fine.

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