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    How should we change the way teachers teach? studyclix

    The Studyclix team are at a conference planning the future of Education and how we can better use technology in the classroom. If there was one thing that you would change about how your teachers teach you what would it be?

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      Im gonna say how teachers teach JC IRISH and the exam needs to change. Most people can't even speak it and have a proper conversation in the language yet they expect us to learn irish literature with poems and proses. It makes no sense. And for the exam, the listening is grand but they need to give you more opportunities to write your answers down. Like in Spanish you listen to every extract 3 times with a pause in the middle of the second one, which gives you plenty of time to get your thoughts and answers down. In irish you get to listen to each extract only twice and you need to write your answer in irish. Also the reading comprehension in the exams are out of this world too difficult for JC students. My teachers even say that looking at the past exam papers she doesnt expect students to be able to find and get the answers to the questions. IRISH NEEDS TO CHANGE

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      irish is a joke.the language is dying and heres in higher lc irish,and i dont know the basic entire class is literally learning of every essay pros and poetry answer word for word.the problem is that they assume we know too much in first year and then build of a base that isnt there.everything that i will write in weeks time is completly rote learned and i will leave seondary with no ability to speak my native tongue.the ridiculous thing is that going on mocks results i will probably get a high b.I AM more comfortable speaking german than essay thst i will write might as well be japanese because to me its just aseries of words.the irish cirriculum needs to get real and start teaching the language from the ground up,placing more emphasis on grammar and actusl comprehension over mindless pre learnt essay nonsense that helps no one actually speak the language ,i mean they give u marks for seanfhocals,wat good are seanfhocals when im trying to use irish in my daily life?.get real ireland.

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      couldnt agree more. Sort the language out people

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      I don't see how Léamhthuiscints are hard. You can take it down word for word, and even though it says write in your own words, they don't really care if you do or don't. However, I don't understand why the irish paper is entirely in irish (even for foundation lvl) but for higher and ordinary level in other language subjects (french, german, spanish, italian), the questions are all English. And don't say because Irish is easier since it was taught in primary school cus I knew no Irish after leaving 6th class. Only exceptions with that are students who went to Gaeltacht or Gaeilscoil. Also, I think the poetry and prós are unnecessary since most ppl learn answers word for word agus don't actually learn what it means.

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      Project Maths should be thought using computers like watching videos, makes it easier to understand / less boring..we should be thought how to actually speak Irish and not regurgitating off pros and essays

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      They also should have gave project maths to the 1st - 2nd years only so they could have been thought it for the 5-6 years not to students who had 1-2 years left in school

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      Its ridiculous, the education system should be about expanding knowledge not exploiting our memory skills for six years after which we still are no further on. If they listened to actual students more rather than competing for global education standards we might have a better system.

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      I agree the Irish is actually impossible!! Its by far my worst subject. Its hard enough to learn everything and other subjects! Teachers should stop putting pressure on J.C students like its the junior cert?! They shouldnt hype it so much.

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      study person

      I think an emphasis should be put on how the information we learn is relevant for certain career paths and our future and if it cant be applied in later life we shouldnt be pressured to learn it just for a good grade in an exam.

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      The Irish language is interesting, fascinating even. However, the way it is taught is wrong. Students should be able to speak the language. Irish is by far my favourite subject, but if I wasn't fluent I'm sure it would be much harder. The only reason I'm fluent is because I decided to attend a secondary Gaelscoil after an English-speaking primary school, and found that I learned more Irish in the first three months of secondary school than my eight years in primary school. The way Irish is taught needs to change. The language shouldn't be forced into you, students should have the opportunity to converse in Irish in order to achieve fluency. Irish would be a lot easier for students if they knew what they were writing, instead of copying the teachers answers word for word. It would be a shame to get rid of our native language, if the government decided to remove it from the curriculum. It's part of our heritage and we should embrace it instead of denying it.

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      Irish is one of my favourite subjects, but this is because I've been to the Gaeltacht twice in the last four years...before I ever went to the Gaeltacht, I hated Irish. It is taught horrifically in school which is exactly why there is such a negative attitude towards it.

      I think Irish needs to be completely changed in order for students to WANT to learn their national and native language. Although I have been speaking Irish for the best part of 15 years, and I have only been speaking french for 5, not only is my french better but I feel much more comfortable speaking it. The Irish language needs to be more like the French in terms of how we learn it in school.

      Secondly, the Irish Oral is a joke. I am fluent and yet I still stressed excessively over the yoke! The Sraithpictuirs are seriously the stupidest thing I've ever had to learn. The difficulty range with the SP's is bloody ridiculous, coming from someone who got one of the worst ones in my own oral. They preach teaching students how to be more fluent but all it is is yet another aspect of the Leaving Cert that must be learnt off by heart never to be used again.

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