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    LC students. How many hours are you studying for? studyclix

    How many hours are you studying for on a typical week night. Do you think it's enough?.

    We're putting together a blog post on study advice and want to get a feel for how many hours you are putting in.

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      usually about 3 hours homework and then 2 - 2 1/2 hours study .

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      i do 45mins of homework and 3-3 1/2 hours of study . i think i spend enough time doing homework but i hope to do an average of 4 hours of study leading up to the pres. i can do anything up to 9 hours on a saturday and around 4 hours on a sunday .... it is enough

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      I try to do about 2 hours. Nowadays you don't need to study as much when you have the online resources to help you. Khan Academy, Studyclix, YouTube, and a handful of other websites turns the 4 hours a day into 2 hours if you organise yourself and stick to a plan.

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      study person

      Do you find the Khan Academy website a good help with study @Norton ?? Is it better for certain subjects?

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      @Study Person, yes it's helpful but to learn just one topic in maths would take really long. It's best to just search for something you don't understand and learn from there. Otherwise it'll take up valuable time watching stuff that isn't even in the Leaving Cert. It's for maths and physics and I think a few other LC subjects can be found on there. Pretty good though.

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      About 5minutes 😕

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      Da Boii

      I try to spend about 2 hours and a 1/2 at homework and then roughly 3 hours studying with regular breaks,- just make sure I don't fall asleep :)

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      I spend an hour on on homework sometimes 2 and about 40 mins study but will increase this to two hours after march on weekends 2 hours Saturday morning take Sunday off until the Leaving cert is closer

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      I generally spend 2 hours on homework and then would study for a further 2-3 hours every night

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