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by abaigealdrummy The Leaving Cert — 16/10/17 4

Would love to start studying now for my Leaving Cert but I'm not actually certain what "study" is? Can anybody help me? I really want to do well and if I start now, I know that it is possible.

zaorr — 16/10/17
(1)Exam papers, lots and lots of exam papers. Do them in pencil though because your teacher will probably want to use them later on in the year. Don't wait for the teacher to start using them, they're the only sort of material that is straight forward exam work. (2) Notes, summerise chapters and put into folders, try and put them into a little folder and try and organise them so you can connect them, e.g all plant topics in one section in Bio ,or all the Soil topics together in Ag. (3)Mind map those notes, (yes a lot of writing) reduction of your own notes will help, so say your biology folder has photosynthesis all nicely noted out, then at the very beginning mind map it all using your memory and then add to it with your notes. (4) When doing any work for teachers, USE THE MARKING SCHEME. Especially for English, PCLM will help you loads and keep you focused when doing your 4-6 page long essay. (5) Correct your work like an examiner. Use the marking scheme on bits of unmarked work or if your teacher doesn't correct like that (which they should but some suck) Be hard on yourself with the answers, you have to pretend that you're a tired examiner that only takes the answers direct from the marking scheme. It's brutal but you''ll learn much better and it'll help you during the exam and prevent ''waffling on''. (6) Languages can be improved by immercing yourself in them, if you do french listen to 7Jours on Youtube. It might be boring but its like 25% of an overall mark. Listen to Irish shows on TG4 or something so it's not considered ''study'' but it is? Podcasts in German or Spanish songs like its all cringy to find yourself doing but its a year, it isn't gonna hurt haha. Also stick up grammer things like tenses in the places you study and use that when writing written pieces etc like (I do french) I have all the tenses needed for the exam and how to form them written IN COLOUR! make it attractive to look at. (7) Oral work, start your oral work. Get someone to do it with you and practice. Look at youtube videos of people talking or find stuff on oral books. Be as cringy and natural as possible, I know it feels weird but the more natural and put on a slight accent it'll ease the tension in the exam room. Honestly, you're righ to start now because with mocks and orals you've got little time to not be stressed while you study. Also, I know these seem crazy in depth but that's what I do. Leaving Cert is crap for good reason. Sorry if it's superrrrr long and intimidating though!!
zaorr — 16/10/17
jesus christ im so sorry thats scary to look at haha but anyway sorry
zaorr — 16/10/17
*edit* at (1) try and use your own notes in (2) to answer the exam paper questions:)
abaigealdrummy — 16/10/17
Thank you so much!!
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