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    Terrified ! Kavanagh

    Starting the leaving cert in a couple of weeks and I am absolutely terrified . I am trying my best to do as much study as my brain can take and yet it still feels like I am getting no where. I have working quite hard the last two years but I just am anxious that I wont do good enough . Anyone any ideas how i can deal with this?

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      Hi Kavanagh, What you are feeling is quite normal and most students will be feeling stress just like you. Taking breaks and talking to friends are good ways to calm yourself. If you are finding nothing else will go in then try to do some active study i.e. practice exam questions. This will give you practical things to focus on. MAybe read some of our blog posts such as

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      If it feels like you are getting nowhere then maybe you need to try a few different study techniques to see if they work any better. Sometimes you have yourself convinced you aren't getting anywhere but then when you are doing questions or exam papers you find out that you know it all/

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