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    Want to get the Most out of Studyclix? Norton

    I'm going to break down Studyclix to make it easier for you to study with minimal effort.

    Subject and topics:

    - At the top of the website you'll see 'Subjects'. Click on there and select your subject on the left side for the Leaving Certificate subjects.

    -Choose your level and then select the topic you'd like to study.

    - You can now look at the past exam paper questions of that topic, click on the marking schemes of the question, print off the questions, and look at many different resources.

    - Now that you have clicked on your topic, you will see 'resources' tab at the top. These are basically notes submitted by other users (just like you) who are making studying easier for you and themselves.

    - A lot of the time in the resources section you'll see helpful links which will break down the topic for you and get all of the useful parts out of it. Look at all those resources in each topic, study them hard, and now that you know that topic, move onto the next topic.

    - I suggest that you keep a checklist of each topic so you can tick them off when done.

    Next is the 'Exam Builder':

    - Add the details. For my example, I'm going to choose 'Maths', and tick 'Leaving Certificate'. Now click next.

    - Select the subject you want to study.

    - Tick all of the topics you'd like to see.

    - Now click next.

    - Select the topic, and scroll down to the bottom of the exam paper question to click 'add this question'.

    - Do the last step over and over until you've built your very own exam paper full of past questions.

    The exam builder is a great way of organising what topics you'd like to study next. Just simply select the topics that you haven't studied yet and practise them all by building your own exam paper. This is also a great way to test yourself.


    - Discussions are a great way for people to share their ideas on certain subjects, give help, ask for help, and browse.

    - Don't use it for homework. Using it for homework will only lead to other people solving what you are supposed to solve. How are you going to learn in that case?

    - There's plenty of guides in the discussion section for each subject, so click on the subject and you'll see a number of threads related to that subject which are there to help you.

    - If your question isn't already answered in the discussion section, click 'New Post' to create a new discussion and ask people for help yourself.

    Hope this helps you get your head around Studyclix!

    Good luck!

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